The Beginners Guide to Skincare

I've been interested in skincare since about the age of twelve, when my skin broke out in a huge allergic reaction from a well known, supposedly sensitive skin friendly product. After not wanting to leave my house because of the ugly, blotchy, sore skin I suddenly had, my mum took me to a Clinique counter. I got the 3-Step Clinique set, and didn't look back for many years. I didn't suffer from huge breakouts or allergic reactions, and to be honest, I was too scared to stray far from what I knew worked well for me. Since becoming a blogger, I have ventured out a little more, whilst always being careful as to what I put on my face. I've since found things I love just as much as I love the Clinique 3-Step range, all for different reasons. 

Reading so many blogs, I always assume most people know about skincare and how to take care of the largest organ of our bodies. But from living with a building full of girls, I've come to realise that so many people are actually slightly intimidated by skincare, and all there is to choose these days. So many girls are so overwhelmed, they revert to their trusty wipes, which might be fine once in a while, but I'm sure they are not doing your skin any good in the long term! They drag on the skin around the eye area, increasing the amount of wrinkles and fine lines. Although they might be covered in makeup after using them, that does not mean they have gotten everything off, I can be certain they'll be leaving a lot of crap behind! Not only this, but they are incredibly drying for the skin. 

Now I am not saying I am an expert in skincare at all - but I look after my skin very well, and because of that, most of the time, it's in good condition. So I thought I'd share with you my top tips to maintaining healthy skin!

1. Cleanse, morning and night. Find a product that suits your skin and use it regularly. I mostly use the same product, morning and night to cleanse my skin. I've been totally obsessed with The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil for a while now. This gives a deep cleanse and removes all makeup quickly and easily. And don't be frightened of facial oils if you suffer from oily skin! 
2. Moisturise, morning and night. Keeping your skin moisturised not only gives the skin a healthier glow, it helps your makeup go on much more evenly. I've said it many times before, I love the Una Brennan Rose Hydrate Day Cream

3. Water - drink lots! I can't tell you how much my skin improves when I'm drinking lots of water!

4. It doesn't have to be expensive! There are so many amazing products on the high street that are just as good!

I hope this has been useful to those of you who aren't so into your skincare. It really will pay off to look after your skin! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below! 
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  1. Definitely agree with the drinking lots of water tip! I started drinking more water and it's made a huuuge difference! x

    1. I know! It clears up skin no end! It's crazy what a difference it makes! Lilly xx

  2. My biggest concern are my dark spots and redness, so I'm always on the hunt on products that can fix that. About that water, I finally got a big pink bottle that makes my water intake higher :)

    Great post, great blog. :)

    Mikela from

    1. Ooh, interesting! Have you found any products that combat those? Thanks for stopping by! Lilly xx