Book Review: The Miniaturist

Another book ticked off my 2015 Reads list! The Miniaturist isn't like anything I've read before - set in 1686 in Amsterdam, Nella Oortman comes to live with her new husband and his family. As a wedding gift, Johannes Brandt presents Nella with a miniature replica of their home, for which she dutifully finds a miniaturist who furnishes and carves real-life counterparts, in the most mysterious of ways. 

Nella is at first bewildered by her new life and the people in it, but soon she realises the secrets that Johannes and his cynical sister are hiding - and the dangers that could be just around the corner. 

The Miniaturist kept me turning each page with suspense, wondering and guessing what will come next. I was a little disappointed with the ending, but the book as a whole was truly heart-breaking and captivating. 
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  1. This book sounds really interesting! I think I'll check it out after I finish the one I'm currently reading now. It's always so nice to see new book reviews. Also, the photo is stunning!


    1. Thank you Mallory! You definitely should give it a go! And thanks for stopping by :) Lilly xx