The Liebster Award

I was recently nominated by the lovely blogger Paige, from Lady Paige to take part in The Liebster Award. This award is  given from one blogger to another and only exists on the web. "Liebster" of germanic origins also means, kindest, welcome, lovely... And the list goes on. 
You may be wondering, what does this achieve? It's just a great way to connect bloggers with other bloggers, and it's especially great for the newbies (like myself), to find new readers and fellow bloggers. I think its a really nice way of helping each other become the best we can be... 

There are a set of rules however... 

11 questions, asked by whoever nominated you, must be answered
11 new nominees must be selected by yourself
Your chosen nominees must answer a new list of 11 questions, again created by yourself
You must notify those you have nominated of their nomination

So here goes nothin'... 

Where did your blog name come from?
So it's quite a random story... I actually wanted my blog to be called "The Lilly Pad", when I was little I used to help my dad in the green house growing vegetables, and then I'd sell our produce to whoever I could (money maker from the age of 5...), so I decided to create a business out of the green house called "Lilly's Pad" (well, my dad came up with the name ;)). So for sentimental reasons, I wanted that name, unfortunately the name was taken, so I went with A Little Lilly instead, as this blog represents snippets of my life. 

Apart from the Liebster award post, what was the last blogpost you read?
It will have been Kate's post from Ghost Parties post about cleansing oils! Love her blog! 

Where is your favourite place to eat out?
Okay, seriously tricky one for me. I don't think I have a favourite, I love trying out new places whenever I get the chance, but I can't deny, I'd never say no to a good steak bar *mouth waters*. 

Which types of posts do you most enjoy reading?
Ooh, I love reading about things that I also like to blog about, so life snippets, beauty reviews and a good fashion post never hurt nobody! 

What is your favourite scent?
I currently have four favourite scents, which I recently blogged about here, so head on over and check those out if you fancy :). If I have to choose, I'd probably go for Flora by Gucci, I get many compliments when I'm wearing a bitta Flora. 

What is the most expensive thing you have ever bought?
A Mulberry clutch bag. Although it was a little pricey, I use it all the time and its a timeless piece (my justification)! 

When was the most you ever laughed?
Oh lordy, this is a tricky one. So many spring to mind I can't choose one. Although the one that stays in my mind the most is when i had to spit my drink back in my cup (don't judge me, I know it's gross) because I was laughing just too hard and I'd just took a sip of tea! The moment still makes me chuckle. 

What is your biggest regret?
Paige, you've really asked some tricky ones here... But it's got to be drifting from my friends back at home in England. 

The best book you've read?
I love a good read, my favourite most recent read has to be The Secret Life of Bees which I did a review of here.

If you could do absolutely anything tomorrow, what would you do?
Take a long holiday with my most favourite people, somewhere hot and drink cocktails by the pool and laugh all day long. 

If you could have been in any Disney film which character would you have liked to play?
I know it's a recent one, but I'd happily be either princess from Frozen. I'm obsessed with that film!

Now for my questions...

1. What is your fondest life memory?
2. Your must-have beauty product?
3. What is your essential piece in your wardrobe?
4. All time favourite film?
5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
6. What do you like most about blogging? 
7. What would you say is your most treasured item (can be anything at all)?
8. Favourite recipe you make? 
9. What do you most enjoy reading about on other peoples blogs?  
10. How would you describe your style? 
11. What Spring/Summer trend are you most looking forward to?

And I'd like to nominate...

Kim Tarroe and Jamilla Smit from Comemoda 
Mollie from Mollie Bylett
Christie from Christie Martin
Lucy from Lucy loves 
Carrieanne from Beauties Unlocked 
Gemma from Slight Gem
Florence from Beyond Imagination
Lauren from Tea and Post
Naomi from Naomi Marsh
So to end this crazy long post, go check out Lady Paige's blog, I'm sure you will enjoy :) and thanks for nominating me!

Enjoy your weekend!
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