A walk in Wollaton

I love Amsterdam, there’s no place quite like it, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m a true Brit at heart and miss home so much. I think my friends here think its rather strange how much I miss England, but before I moved away it was all I ever knew and there is so many people and places that make returning to it just that little bit more special.

One place I love visiting and taking my little dog, Poppy is Wollaton Hall. Its grounds are beautiful, so it’s lovely to have a walk and take in the sights. Did I mention it’s also the place Batman, The Dark Knight Rises was filmed? Makes it a bit cooler now doesn’t it ;)?!

Wollaton Park is perfect for a wrapped up, cold Sunday morning stroll during the winter or a t-shirt and shorts day with your 99 (more like a 2.50 these days- gosh I feel old!) in the summer. If you need a break, there’s a small tearoom where you can get a slice of cake and a dandelion and burdock… delicious!

I often get asked why I don’t always go to London when I’m home, I love London, don’t get me wrong, but I believe you can find cute little hide-outs wherever you go… There is something beautiful that you can treasure in every city and I love that Nottingham is the place I can call home. So if your ever around my beautiful city, check out Wollaton Park… You won’t regret it. 

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