The Shoemakers Wife

As I told you before, I'm trying my hardest to get back into reading... And so far, I'm not doing too badly. Well, I've read two books in maybe a month, for me thats pretty darn great! 
After reading A Secret Life of Bees, which I previously blogged about, I thought it would be quite difficult to find something I loved just as much, but in actual fact I was wrong.  The author of The Shoemakers Wife, Adriana Trigiani writes so beautifully and in a way that gets you gripped in no time at all, I'd find myself reading way past my bedtime because I just couldn't put it down. 
The Shoemakers Wife is about two teenagers, Ciro and Enza who meet in a small village in Italy, and although their meeting is short, the connection they have is one that lasts a lifetime. Making their separate ways, Ciro and Enza both find themselves in America, having to forge a life for themselves to secure their future. Ciro is a handsome young man who knows what he wants, whilst Enza is a family girl who just wants to make a better life for those she is leaving behind. But as luck would have it, they are reunited and their relationship begins all over again... 
Just a heads up, for those of you who have a little cry when reading, have a box of tissues handy! 
What have you been reading lately?
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