Soap & Glory Box Set Review

 This Christmas I was given this huge box full of fabulous Soap & Glory products. Some I'd already tried (and loved), and some were completely new to me. Some products were even on my never ending beauty wish list!

I will start off by talking about the product which I was most delighted to see inside, as I'd recently ran out and would have repurchased anyway. It would have been my third or fourth repurchase, which is testament to how much I love it. The Sugar Crush Body Scrub. Not only does this smell insanely good, it's granules are really coarse so great for a really thorough exfoliate. I like to use this a couple of times a week and I notice a huge difference in my skin when I'm using it regularly.

The second product which I have also used and love was the Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion. I've had a bottle of this for just over a year and I'm only just coming to the end. This smells so gorgeous, really fruity and gives the skin quite a thorough moisturise. What I would say with this product however is that if you have extremely sensitive skin, it is quite highly perfumed. I also do revert back to the thicker body butters in the winter months as they do tend to give a deeper moisturise. Having said that, just to keep your skin looking healthy (and smelling great), this is a lovely product!

I am a huge lover of pretty much all of the Soap & Glory makeup that I have tried. And these two pieces are no exception. The Thick & Fast Super Volume Mascara gives great volume and despite it not being waterproof (my usual preferred choice), it gives amazing hold. I had been hanging my nose over the Sexy Mother Pucker range for quite some time. Both the Lip Shine Lacquer's and the Gloss Sticks.  I received the Lip Laquer in the shade Charm Offensive. It is a dark nude/brown shade and looks gorgeous on. It isn't sticky or too thick and smells divine! 
I'm generally not such a fan of using face wipes as I find they drag on the skin and aren't very efficient at getting all your makeup off. I do usually have some in my stash however, as I find they are great for freshening up and they're also handy to have when you've had one too many to drink! I do usually prefer to just use unscented baby wipes as I find they are the least harsh on my skin. I've only used the Off Your Face wipes once and I thought they were quite nice. They didn't irritate my skin and seemed to get my makeup off without too much fuss.  

The Righteous Butter is another one I've used before. This is much thicker than the Moisture Lotion and seems to give a deeper moisturise, having said this it is still really perfumed (but smells good enough to eat)! 

I'd never used any of the Soap & Glory shower gels before, but the Whipped Clean Shower Butter feels dreamy, it is thick and soft on the skin, leaving your skin feeling clean and also slightly moisturised. Really like this one! 

Heel Genius is simply a foot cream. I massage this into my feet after buffing them with a foot file (gross, I know), and then pop on some cosy socks before bed. When I wake up my feet look much healthier and feel much much softer! Nobody wants yucky feet now eh?!  

During the Winter months my hands suffer enormously from the cold, so hand cream never goes a miss with me. I know the good from the bad and over time, I've become pretty picky with what I use. But when I got given this Hand Dream Super Intensive Hand Cream, I of course had to give it a go. This has left my hands feeling beautifully soft and nourished!  

I've left the Orangeasm Body Wash until the end for a reason... I really dislike this! It is probably one of the first Soap & Glory products I have really not liked. And it's all because of one thing... the scent! It is just far too manly, and in my opinion, not what a Soap & Glory product is all about! Totally disappointing! 

Have you tried the Orangeasm range or any other Soap & Glory products? What are your thoughts? 

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  1. I love the sugar crush scent so much, mine isn't very scrubby but I'll still use it all up for the scent alone! xo

    1. Thats so funny you think that! I think it is very exfoliating! Different peoples skins then I guess! Lilly xx