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Today I'm heading back home to England for a week before my new adventure begins. My time in Amsterdam has come to an end, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite restaurants I've discovered along the way. During this past semester, I have been trying to discover much more of Amsterdam and make the most of my time here. But as I've probably said before, I'm not your biggest party animal, and I'd much rather go for a drink with friends or to a nice restaurant. Of course, being a student I can't do it all too often (if only), but here is just a few of the places I have discovered.

Bazaar - a discovery I made during my first year in Amsterdam. The Middle Eastern food is really great quality, delicious dishes for great prices (especially for Amsterdam). But what makes this restaurant so special is the atmosphere. The truly 'bazaar' way it has been decorated creates a unique ambiance, with all kinds of bright chandeliers, stain glass windows and everything slightly mismatched. Set on the Albert Cuyp Market (a lovely place to visit if you are new to Amsterdam!) I have taken quite a few people here and not one has been disappointed! 

De Knijp - When my boyfriend surprised me a couple of months back by turning up on my doorstep, I was of course one very happy girl, so we wanted to find a restaurant that was cosy and had good recommendations to celebrate. After a lot of trawling online, we came across De Knijp, and it was one of the only places we didn't need to book a table for, on a Saturday night. Service was great, the place really cosy, and the food - well I'm already licking my lips! Not far from Museumplein. 

Sumo - what recommendation list is complete without a sushi restaurant? There are many Sumo restaurants around Amsterdam, my favourite being the one by Rembrandtplein, simply because it's the cosiest. My friends and I always go for the all you can eat, it's not cheap but the food is great! For around €30 you get 6 rounds of 5 dishes. I can only do two rounds and I'm full! Luckily, my dessert tummy is still free and you can get some fruit and ice cream too - which of course I always do! 

B+B Lunch Room - Not the most glamorous of places, but they sure do the best sandwiches! They have the hugest selection and they are always generous with the filling. My two favourites are the Honey Goat Cheese and Beef Rucola! Again, theres a fair few dotted around Amsterdam.  

CafĂ© BRIX - A recent discovery that has the most delicious menu for very reasonable prices. Set in the 9 Streets (a must see for Amsterdam newbies). Selling yummy sandwiches, to pizza and hot dogs. Great service and everything is rather Instagrammable (sorry, making up words)! 

De Drie Graftjes, a gorgeous American bakery that do the most amazing cakes. Mine and my friends favourite - red velvet! The cake slices are huge, so sometimes it's best to opt for the cupcake sized portion ;). Unless you're like a friend of mine and choose to go for a big slice of cake as your lunch - well balanced and nutritious! There are two that I am aware of, one on Rokin, and the other (my favourite), set behind Dam Square. 

Walter's Woodbury - A bar in Oost that is relatively new (in the last 6 months or so), but is already rammed with people on a Friday and Saturday night. This place does the best Gin and Tonics (lots of different kinds) which are my favourite. It's rather Amsterdamsy inside, but I've grown to love that Amsterdam style over the years! Nothin' but good music and good vibes!  The food is also pretty good here too - I went for the curry (not my usual choice), and wasn't disappointed)! 

Sky Lounge - I always knew the Hilton Hotel had a rooftop terrace, but for some strange reason, I never visited, until the other night when some friends and I decided to go. The view is completely breathtaking! They have a balcony, which if it wasn't absolutely freezing, I would have spent all night there - definitely a place I need to go back to in the Summer months! The drinks aren't cheap, but the view is worth it - great service too! 

So Amsterdam, I guess it's goodbye for now!

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