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I don't tend to make more expensive purchases on makeup when I haven't heard much about a particular product, to me it just doesn't make sense. Especially on a tighter budget. I've never used any Smashbox products before I picked up this kit, and although I had heard both positive and negative things about the brand, I thought it was about time I tested it out myself. 

I spotted this mini set at the Birchbox store in Soho, and got five very reasonably sized mini's for $19. To me, that's a real bargain, plus I haven't wasted a lot of product if I don't end up liking the product! 

The pièce de résistance was the Photo Finish Lid Primer. I've used the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion for many years now, but recently it just hasn't been working the way it used to. I've been using the Smashbox primer for about a month now, and am really impressed with it. To ensure my eyeshadow lasts all day without creasing, I've been putting on a little translucent powder to set it into place. 

I have used the Photo Finish Foundation Primer on a few occasions, and found it to be very silliconey and didn't seem to make my foundation last any longer than it usually does. 

I have been loving the Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx. It glides on very smoothly and blends nicely when smudged to create a smokier look. Unfortunately, I am not so impressed with the Full Exposure Mascara, which I feel does not add so much length or volume to my lashes. I'll definitely be sticking with my trusty drugstore mascara's! 

Lastly was the Lip Enhancing Gloss in the shade Illume. I'm not sure how much this enhanced my lips (maybe a little) but I loved the look it creates. A subtle shine with a hint of shimmer. Perfect for simple makeup days! 

What Smashbox products have you tried? Any you'd recommend? 
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