Sunny in Central Park

I find it pretty difficult when it comes to deciding what shoes to wear my summer dresses with when it comes to beautiful hot summer days in the city. Now, I'm all for sandals, but unless I'm getting a taxi around the city and not venturing too much in the outdoors, they just aren't too practical in filthy NYC. Maybe its my OCD, but the thought of gross, dirty feet irks me! 

Last Saturday it was such a beautiful day. I was so excited to whip out this little white number I got from Zara last summer, but was disappointed when I knew that I couldn't pop on my heeled sandals 'cos I'd be doing a hella lot of walking. Which is what got me in a bit of a pickle. I tried the dress on with a few different shoe options, and ended up going for my Converse. I think they created a really cute, casual look with the dress, which was also much more practical. I know, being practical is boring, but sometimes its just got to be done! I simply teamed my dress with my Mulberry Bayswater in Oak. 

What are your thoughts on Converse being teamed with a dress?
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  1. LOVE the neckline of this dress, so classy I could cry. Gutted it was from last summer, it would make such a welcome addition to my wardrobe. Converses suit the dress great, espesh if you've gotta get your walk on. Can't be dealing with heels!


    1. I know, it's such a shame! I like it so much I could do with it in more colours haha! Yes, my thoughts exactly! Thank you for commenting Katie! Lilly xx

  2. Very simple and clean dress, I love it! Totally my style. Great pictures too. x