Mid-Week Mood Board: Easter

On Friday I'm heading home for a couple of weeks... Although I'm being naughty and skipping a few days of uni, I cannot wait! This break is very much needed! 

I'm not a religious person, but I do love to join in the fun of any festivities. So for me, Easter is another excuse to spend quality time with my family and friends and try to forget about anything stressful going on in my life. 

No matter what age you are, I think theres something Easter-y that you can get up to... Heres a few ideas! 

Cake pops... I've never actually made these before, but I have seen so many amazing recipes and cute ways to decorate these little guys, I'm going to give these a go in an Easter themed way! 

Cocktails. Who doesn't love a good cocktail? And an Easter themed one you say? Well I've found just the ticket! Whilst searching for Easter inspiration, I came across this website called Top Inspired, which has so many yummy (and super cute) looking cocktail ideas... I'll be sure to give some of these a go!! 

Okay, so a bit of nostalgia. Who remembers making these cute little cards at nursery? I'm not sure of the likelihood that I'll be spending my Easter making these, but I felt I had to put them in here, just because they are so cute, fun and easy to make. 

Daffodils in the house are a must during Easter time. My mum always has a couple of vases of these in the house and they freshen the place up a bit and without a doubt will put a smile on your face! A bonus, you can get these in most supermarkets pretty darn cheap! 

Whoever came up with the idea to make egg shell tea lights is a genius! Decorate these in any colour you fancy and pop in a tea light... Can you get any cuter? 

Last but no means least, these cute little rabbit cup cakes. Not feeling like making cake pops... Then make your standard cupcake mix and decorate them with any Easter themed animal, or whatever you like in fact! *squeals* so cute! 

What will you be doing this Easter? 
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  1. i'm not a religious person either but i also really like to spend these days with the family :) and cake pops are such a brilliant invention,i love love love them :)

  2. Great post! Those rabbit cupcakes look so cute.

    Beth | BeautyBubbles x

  3. I like to spend the day with my family and eat as much chocolate as possible haha :) I forgot a bit about the religious meaning...