Holland comes to Nottingham

The last week I have been a pretty poorly pooch, I couldn't eat, walk or do anything for that matter. By Wednesday morning, I was one yucky mess and completely frustrated at the fact my lovely friend from Holland, Manon was arriving that same day, and I was less than entertaining! Luckily, my doc sorted me out with some extremely strong pain killers and I managed to collect her from the airport! As the pain killers began kicking in, little old me started to come back to life and we managed to have fun and explore Nottingham! 

It may have helped that I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered, which was the best surprise and cheered me up a treat!!  

Nottingham has such a negative reputation, so I was excited to show her around and prove it's not even half as bad as people say... In fact, I think it's rather beautiful! And I think she did too! 

Manon and I in Wollaton Park
After a lot of shopping (on Manon's behalf), we took Poppy to Wollaton Park and admired the sights! We then enjoyed a delicious BBQ in the sweltering heat, just in time before the thunder came rolling in and the torrential rain poured! 

Manon and I in Wollaton Park
On Saturday we dragged ourselves out of bed at the unheard of hour of 6am, and got the 7:30 train to London. After getting a wake up coffee, we met my sister in Covent Garden and made our way over to Liberty's. Manon had never been before, and you can't go to London and not visit Liberty's!! Can you?! After popping into a few more shops along the way, we stopped for lunch... and then continued shopping! We finished our day in one of my favourite places in London, Chelsea. We had a delicious glass of rose lemonade at Comptoir Libanais, and then continued taking in the beauty of the city. 

Liberty's, London
Central London
I love Kensington and Chelsea because although they are pretty central, it's so peaceful there in comparison to the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. Hmm, I can't wait to return! 

Manon and I
Me and my beautiful sister
Chelsea, London
What are your favourite spots in London? 
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