Summer Blogin': The Beach Bag Edition

I'm rather lazy when it comes to packing my beach bag. I'm not one of these girls who takes her whole wardrobe and makeup bag down to the pool, the bare essentials will do me. I usually go bare faced during the day, it's a good chance to give my skin a break and dry up any pesky spots. 

First off, my towel. Slightly obvious. Sunglasses, these are from Burberry, I got them a couple of years ago but you can get similar ones here. Sun protectant, I am taking Piz Buin Oil Spray in Factor 15 and Factor 6. I will also take a cream as well with a slightly higher SPF for my face and any other areas more likely to burn. I will start my week off with higher SPF, and gradually work down as I get my tan on! A small packet of tissues - you never can tell when you may need them- I have a soppy boyfriend ;), wipes - you never can tell when things are about to get messy, and hand sanitiser - gotta keep clean folks! 

And for those all important moments when it's time to get an ice cream, a kaftan. I'm yet to find my 'perfect' cover-up, but I have a few which I think keep you nice and cool whilst still remaining cute and summery! 

Then I need a couple of things to keep me occupied... Even though I am pretty happy to lounge by the pool and do pretty much nothing! But just in case I packed my Kindle and of course my camera, to capture the memorable moments of the holiday!
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