Summer Blogin': Holidayin' On A Whim

As possibly the best surprise ever my boyfriend has booked us a week away in Majorca. We don't get to spend all that much time together with me living in Amsterdam and him always jetting off somewhere with the army, so with two weeks left before I head back, it's the perfect way to end my summer! 

The only 'downside' of this surprise? I found out just four days before we go. Panic? Mmm, Yes! So I haven't really had anytime at all to go shopping for new bikini's and all that lovely stuff you do before going away... First world problems! So here I am, one day before we jet off with an empty suitcase in front of me and the troubles of "I have nothing to wear". Don't you just hate that?

But looking through my wardrobe, I'm pleasantly surprised by the amount of cute ensembles I have for evenings out. It's also quite fun trying to create something new with what I already have... Despite being hard work! So here's a few outfits I've put together... Enjoy!

The above picture is an outfit I'll be travelling in. In my opinion, the outfit to get there is just as important! The jeans are from Topshop, which might I add are incredibly comfortable, so perfect for travel, and the t-shirt is from Whistles. The passport case is from Aspinal of London
This cute ensemble is perfect for when I've got my tan on (the lime green and white will look amazing with a tan)! The vest is from Zara last summer, and my white jeans were from French Connection quite a few years ago, but you can get a very similar pair here. The bracelet is from Links of London's sweetie collection and the cute gold necklace is by GoGo Philip
These pieces are pretty old. Like Kate Moss first Topshop collection old. But I've found some adorable Topshop shorts here, that are just as cute! And the mini Alexa bag by Mulberry is also a couple of years old, but this mini is also pretty darn lovely! 
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