Weekly Round-Up #2

I really am trying to encourage myself to see as much of New York as I can during my 5 months here. But this weather makes it kinda impossible - seriously guys -13 degrees is just too cold for me! Roll on Summer is all I can say! Despite this, I have dragged myself out of my room to do a few Tourist-y things this past week. 

Brooklyn Bridge - one of the places I wanted to go to most during my time here, so I was delighted to get to go! I really had to pinch myself whilst I was walking along, how lucky I am to have this experience. I loved Brooklyn Bridge, I can't wait to see what it's like in the Summer, and also at night! 

One night during the week, I ventured up to the freezing cold roof top of my building and was greeted by an amazing view of the Empire State building! 

I'd been here two weeks and was still yet to witness Times Square - so on Tuesday night enough was enough and a friend and I went on a short walk. It really is a different world out here - so fast paced with something always going on! 

Finally, yesterday I went to the 9/11 Memorial, Ground Zero. I'm truly glad that the memory of the people who died that day lives on. I will be interested to see the Memorial Museum. 

If you have any recommendations of places to go, see or eat, I'd love to hear them! 
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  1. I love New York so much! But, yes, it's so cold there in the winter :( Looking forward to your future posts about New York :)