Cocoa Brown Tan Review

I was recently contacted by Cocoa Brown, the UK and Irelands best selling fake tan, as they were launching in Ricky's, a drugstore here in America. 

To be honest, I'm not really a huge fake tan girl. The days of streaky tan lines and living the Oompa Loompa life are far behind me and to be honest, I'd much rather be pale than resonate that awful fake tan pong! 

Anyway, after years of staying away from the stuff, I thought it was time to give fake tan a go, especially with the Summer months around the corner. The lovely ladies at CB knew about my uncertainty for fake tan, so they sent me both the Gentle Bronze (a gradual tan) and their 1 Hour Tan. I started off with the Gentle Bronze, to ease myself into the process. I must say I do prefer the idea of a gradual tan, because you can just use it in place of a moisturiser. I applied this with the tanning mitt they sent to me, and after a couple of goes, a lovely subtle shade began to develop. Not only that, but as it faded, it didn't fade in patches, but evenly. 

I can't lie, I was very skeptical about using the 1 Hour Tan. I hated the fact that I had to shower twice. Once before application whilst exfoliating and then once one hour afterwards. I love to spend time doing my makeup, but waiting for my nails or fake tan to dry, to me is just annoying. Having said that, 1 Hour Tan dried really quickly and didn't feel at all sticky, which was a nice change after having experienced this in the past. Again, I applied the tan using a mitt and waited an hour before rinsing it off. CB has vegetable derived DHA and no parabens, which essentially means it is kind to sensitive skin, which is great for girls like me, who break out in rashes from many products! 

The colour both tans developed wasn't very orangey and didn't leave me smelling pretty darn awful. The 1 Hour Tan lasted longer than the Gentle Bronze (which is probably to be expected), and I noticed my tan to fade extremely quickly after not applying for just one day when using the Gentle Bronze, which was a definite plus side to the 1 Hour Tan. For everyday use however, I would definitely opt for Gentle Bronze, because it is just so convenient, and does develop a beautiful colour when used often. When I need a quick fix for a night out, 1 Hour Tan will be my answer.  

Although I don't think I'm a total fake tan convert, I know that when I do feel like a tan is in order, or when I dare to bare my legs, Cocoa Brown will be the product I reach for. 

Have you tried any of the Cocoa Brown range? If so, what was your favourite product?
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