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I thought I'd share some of the beauty bits I got this year for my 22nd birthday - most of which were from my closest friend, who now sadly lives thousands of miles away. There were still a few bits left in the drugstore in America and Sephora that I wanted to get my hands on, but really couldn't afford the extra weight of bringing even more makeup home with me, so I sadly had to walk away! But clearly my friend was listening more closely to my rabbiting on than she let on and posted me all the bits to me for a birthday surprise. I can imagine your pretty jealous of what an awesome friend I have... to be honest, I'd be jealous too ;). 
I tried out a few Milani products whilst I was in New York, all of which I've loved, and I desperately wanted to get my hands on this gorgeous rose embossed blush in the shade Coral Cove. Although I've found this does leave the cheeks looking a little powdery, it is such a beautiful colour and is very highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way! 

This Nars Duo was a product I spotted and couldn't quite hold in my excitement - it is just too darn cute. The pink blush is in the shade Orgasm, and the bronzer is in the shade Laguna. I've heard many people rave about both of these products endlessly so was delighted to have them in this compact mini!
This Kat Von D Lip Vixen Duo was another product on my wish list. The matte lipstick in this amazing studded packaging, in the shade Noble smells delicious but unfortunately is a little drying on the lips so does need a gloss or balm to be worn with it. 

As for the deep red lip stain, this glides on to the lips so evenly and smoothly and lasts hours! This will definitely be a makeup staple for me around Christmas! 
The final trio she sent me were these Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio by Physicians Formula. These shades are meant to be perfect for making green eyes (like mine) stand out a little more. Unfortunately for me, my eyes are quite a dark green, so I need all the help I can get in making them pop! So far I love these eyeliners but I'm still trying to figure out a way of wearing them without looking like some sort of crazy woman with brightly coloured eyes!
There aint no bath like a LUSH bath (unless its a Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Honey Bath which I was also treated to and forgot to take a picture of). Among a tonne of other things my boyfriend spoiled me with were these two bath bombs from LUSH. The first is Sex Bomb, which is meant to ease stress and anxiety. The second is the Comforter, which is meant to help uplift and relax you, the great thing about this one is that it will do you for a couple of baths as you only need to crumble off about half! 
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