Mid-Week Mood Board: Pretty Pastels

It's a well known fact, I am a lover of all things pastel. Here are some gorgeous accessories, fashion items and cute pieces to add to your home to put that Spring back in your step!

When it comes to handbags, I am a bit picky, I'd rather save up for one that will last me a long time than have loads that won't last me one season... However, when I came across this cute pale blue Zara handbag, my mind changed slightly... but you can't blame me, this ones a beauty! 

I'm a stripe fan, you can't go wrong with a cute little stripe, and when its pastel... Oh lordy, I'm sold! Wear this Topshop tee on the beach with some denim shorts or team it with some white jeans and your good to go. 

Okay, so this Twinings tea pot isn't exactly pastel, but its adorable. It also reminds me of the tea pot from Beauty and the Beast and would be a gorgeous accessory for your Spring time tea parties... Don't you think?! 

If your feeling like a cheeky splurge, why not this b-e-a-utiful Burberry makeup bag... If I wasn't a poor student and could afford to impulse buy, this cutie would definitely be mine! L O V E. 

These mint green jacquard trousers from Zara are right up my street, slightly tailored and simply gorgeous. These will definitely be making an appearance in my Spring/Summer wardrobe and I think they will be perfect for day or night. 

I have always been slightly hesitant about the trainer trend, but as time has gone on, I've become more of a fan and have finally decided I'd like to get my paws on a pair of these Roshe's. I'm always a little afraid my style is a bit too girly for trainers, but think they can look super cute if you pair them with the right things... What do you think? 

I love a good read, and I have heard so many positive things about Alexa Chung's book, IT, and it's also a really cute bedside table decoration... Two birds, one stone ;). 

I'm not even sure how good these eos lipbalms are, but I love the packaging and the colour so thought I'd give them a try... Now they are being stocked online at Topshop, they are slightly easier to get your hands on. 

Since moving into my own apartment, I love looking at home decor and ways to make a room look slightly more personal, but it's often tricky on a budget. But this textured H&M ceramic container adds a Spring-like touch to any room, and it's a bargain too! 

What's your thought on the pastel trend? 
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