Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set Review

A while back I spied this adorable little set in Boots, but due to having bought so many other things in the infamous 3 for 2, I gave the set a miss! But when I recently ventured back home, and again, the little set caught my eye, I gave it a cheeky purchase. 
I wasn't actually expecting much. At £11.99 for a set of 5 mini brushes, you can't really expect a lot, but I'm a sucker for anything pretty, and I cant deny, these brushes are the cutest! 
But let's cut this story short, I have been pleasantly surprised by this set, and a few of the brushes are quickly becoming a staple in my everyday routine. 
The first brush is a flat concealer brush, this is meant for liquid foundations. It's a perfect size to cover problem areas without making a mess. 
Next up is the buffing concealer brush, this is possibly my favourite of the set. It covers up blemishes and any redness really easily, and doesn't leave the area looking cakey. 
The precision foundation brush is my least favourite of the set, for me, it's too small to apply foundation and too large to apply concealer. Any tips?
The complexion blending brush leaves your skin looking airbrushed and perfectly finished off. I don't apply foundation with this, but use it clean afterwards to work my foundation into my skin to give an even finish. 
Last of all is the full powder brush. This is a really great size for applying powder or blush. 
Overall, this set is a must have for any beauty fanatic. Perfect for travelling and everyday use, as well as looking super cute in your makeup bag! 
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