Food For Thought

Everybody experiences periods in their life or days where they are just feeling a bit crappy and self-esteem is running low. Life has a way of knocking us down, whether it be someone or something... We are all bound to have bad days... This post isn't to say those days aren't okay, it's to give you some motivation to pick yourselves back up and tell you, you can achieve whatever you want to, you can be whoever you want to be, and you can do whatever you want to do... But you gotta believe in yourself and work hard enough for your dreams to come true, and for you to prove those who thought you couldn't, wrong. 

I'm writing this post because I often feel like I can't, and if I had something like this to read, maybe it would show me that actually, I can. 

Ask any of my friends, I'm no cheesy gal, but I'm telling you this because it's all true. I'm somebody who strives to be the best I can be. I'm not the best at doing it, but I try. But every now and then, I feel myself slipping and giving up... Asking myself why I try so hard to not achieve what I'd hoped I would. But then I remember, the things that knock you down can be the building bricks to make you stronger... and a whole lot wiser. 

So if your having a bad day, remember that you're stronger than you think you are, your more beautiful than you tell yourself and you can achieve whatever you want to if you are prepared to push yourselves that little bit harder. 

Whether it be in the gym, at school, university, work or whatever it is you aim to achieve, challenge yourself. If it's not going perfectly, it's never too late to do things differently, to change your attitude and to stop being bothered about what others think and start believing in yourself. 

Something a little bit different on my blog on this miserable Friday, but some food for thought for the weekend. It's definitely something I am working on a lot at the moment! 
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