Taste of Amsterdam

Yesterday, a few friends and I decided to venture across Amsterdam to Amstel Park, where a food festival was being held. The weather was glorious and expectations were high. 

Upon entering the festival is was more like a market, selling wines different types of food etc. but further inside you came across many bars, lovely seating areas and many delicious kinds of food! Unfortunately, everything was a little pricey, so it meant we couldn't gorge on everything we laid our eyes on! And after witnessing a poor lobster being killed, I can't deny I was put off food, for a good 10 minutes ;)! 

One stall that I was really impressed by was a cooking company. They were putting on cooking lessons completely free of charge. You had to be put on a list for a specific time slot, and waiting for the classes took quite a long time. Which is why we ended up giving it a miss, but I can't deny, I'm regretting that decision now! 

I had such a fun day (despite getting rather burnt), meeting new people, enjoying a drink or two in the sunshine and taking my mind off uni worries! Having said this, the price of the event (€11 for a ticket online or €15 on the door), combined with how small the event was, and not getting anything for this money, as once your were inside, you had to pay for everything, was quite disappointing. Inside you had to buy coins to purchase food and drink (20 coins was €25), and one dish was around 7 coins. So if you have some spare cash, and are looking for something to do in Amsterdam on this lovely Sunday, I'd definitely say go and give it a try (buy your tickets online), or even next year, but if your on a really tight budget then this event is probably not for you! 

Here is some more information about the event! 

Can't beat a glass of champagne with a pretty flower! 

German Flammkuchen with salmon and white asparagas... Yummy! 
Me looking like one big hot mess and my gorgeous friend Manon! 

What have you been up to this weekend? 
Happy Sunday! 
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