My Three Trusty Steads

I can't deny it, I'm quite lucky when it comes to good skin *touches wood*, but like most people, I do get the occasional break out. Mostly caused by stress, dehydration or that time us ladies have. 
As soon as I see the slightest sign of a break out, I whip out three trusty steads, who in my eyes, can do no wrong. 
First off is the No Clogs Allowed Face Mask by Soap and Glory. I spoke about this in a recent post, which you can find here. I tend to use this once a week and it does wonders for my skin! But when I'm experiencing a breakout, I use this about twice a week and it really tells those pesky little guys where to go! 
The longest standing in my list is Sudocrem. I know this isn't the purpose for this cream but it's a life saver. I couldn't live without it. I just apply a little bit (it goes a long way) to the area of the breakout and it reduces any redness and usually, the morning after applying it, the breakout is looking visibly better. I also apply this underneath makeup, because it's not oily, it doesn't make my makeup budge and can work on those pesky little spots throughout the day. 
The third and final product is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. If you can stand the smell, this one is great to put on spots! I put it on at night and leave it to work it's magic. I use this as an alternative to Sudocrem and I feel it does work slightly better but because it leaves the skin looking quite shiny, isn't always as practical! 
And of course, I get pouring water down me, I personally think thats the best thing you can do to get rid of your breakouts quickly and effectively! 
I hope this has given you some help if you experience the odd breakout, give these a try and let me know how you get on! 

What is it you do when all hell breaks loose on your face?!
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