My Very Own Recipe Book

Using an online recipe, or a loose bit of paper when I'm trying to cook drives me insane, so when I caught my eye on a make-your-own recipe book in Paperchase's sale, I was all over it. 
I'm quite the granny when it comes to cooking, at the beginning of most weeks I create a meal plan, not only does this prevent me nipping to my local supermarket everyday and spending more than I should, it saves time. It also gives me the chance to trawl online and through my recipe books to find new recipe's to try. And this is how I've come to have way too many recipe's bookmarked, and far too many pieces of paper flittering about my room.
Solution? This adorable recipe book! And for organise-freaks like myself, this is a dream! 
So to start with, it comes with stickers, don't wanna sound crazy but this just makes it all the better! There are 6 tabs which you can choose to name, theres a selection ranging from starters, veggies, fish dish's, chicken, you get the idea... As you can see, I've labelled mine with possibly the most boring of the bunch, but for me the most logical and functional. 
Each tab has a little pocket where you can pop in extra notes and bits of paper... handy! And each compartment has a few recipe cards in plastic sheets, Ima use these for the recipe's I use most often, don't want them gettin' all foody now do we?! 
I think this little guy is so perfect for people, like myself who have just left home and no longer have someone cooking for them everyday. You can collect your favourite dishes from home, ones you've just discovered and can't get enough of, and as you find new ideas, you can just add 'em in! 
So, what do you think? Are you gonna unleash your inner granny and do the same? 
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  1. as a massive stationery lover ... I'm addicted already ! :)