Summer's Calling

 So the end of my second year is done, assessments passed, suitcase packed... I'm all ready to head back to England for the Summer. 

The past year has definitely had some ups and downs, but like with everything in life, you come out the other end stronger and more capable... I'm so proud of myself for the things I've achieved so far at AMFI and so thankful for the amazing friends it has given me. 
But now it's time to make Summer plans, make the most of my free time and enjoy my time spent at home. So I thought I'd share the things I'd like to do/achieve this Summer, and maybe it encourages you to make the most out of your time too!
1. Explore... Whether that be in England, or abroad (no holiday plans as of yet), I'd like to discover new places and new things. 
2. Continue with dress making... As you've probably seen in a previous post, I enjoy dress making in my spare time. And now I have lots of it, I hope to make some new garments! Watch this space...
3. Reunite with friends... Although I stay in contact with most of my friends at home, living abroad means I don't get to catch up with them all the time and hear all their latest news and goss... So I can't wait to see them all again and catch up! 
4. Road trip... You gotta love a good old road trip. Not sure where, but it's one thing that has to be done! 
5. Work out... By no means am I overweight, but boy am I unfit. I'm hoping to join back up to my old gym and get my butt into action! I'm gonna aim to go 4 times a week... Let's see about that ;)! 
6. Work on my blog... Starting my blog a few months ago is something I'm so glad I did, and I'm so grateful when I get comments on my posts... People actually read my ramblings? Crazy! But I'm hoping to improve it and think of new and interesting content to publish. 
7. Do something special to celebrate turning 21! 
So what are your Summer plans? Going somewhere fabulous?! 
I'll keep you posted on mine! 
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