Yes to Grapefruit - Brightening Facial Wipes

Face wipes. They cause a lot of controversy in the beauty world, but when you've had a late night, and you want to get your makeup off quickly and efficiently, you can't really go wrong. 

I'm not gonna lie, I've never not used face wipes. I used to use them quite often, until I realised that they are probably damaging my skin, so instead of being a face wipe maniac, I reduced it down to desperate times, when cba is just too much to handle. 

I've heard a little bit about the Yes to range, but not all that much, so when I saw it I thought I'd give it a chance. First things first, I love the packaging. All the products looked super cute, and cute packaging is always a winner! 

The Yes to Grapefruit wipes claim they cleanse, exfoliate and brighten. They definitely got my makeup off, and the texture of them is slightly rough, so I'm sure they gave me a light exfoliate... But the brightening, I can't say I agree with that. But then again, it's a large claim to say they're just wipes! 

I also loved the quality of these, I know that sounds kinda crazy, but they were really nice and thick. They felt durable, so you don't need to be using 50 wipes to make sure you got a good cleanse. And as a huge grapefruit lover, they smell amazing too.

Although these won't be making an appearance in my everyday routine, they will be kept in my stash for when I'm in need of a quick and easy freshen up. I like them, I really do! 

Have you tried any of the Yes to range? Any products I should be eyeing up next time I'm strolling the isles of Boots? 
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