Halloween at the Amsterdam Dungeon

It isn't exactly my regular Monday afternoon, spending it scared to death at the Amsterdam dungeon, but it was definitely a fun experience. When I was asked by the dungeon to go, I was a bit unsure. I am really not the kind of girl who likes to be scared. Ask me to watch a horror film with you, the answer will be no. I'm more your Disney, chick flick kind of a girl (not ashamed), but I thought what the heck, it's only a bit of fun, and accepted the invitation! 

My sister came to spend a few days with me in Amsterdam, so I thought it would be a fun touristy thing to do with her. Which it kind of was. The actors have a really good sense of humour, and they get into character really well. It's also interesting to hear old stories from Amsterdam that I've never heard. 

Having said all of that, there were times when I was genuinely terrified. The room goes pitch black and your there, waiting for something to happen. The picture above doesn't represent my nerves so well, by the end of this story (it was a ghost tale), I was on the chair, clinging onto my sister, screaming (no exaggeration)! 

Each room has a different experience, one tells you about the torture tools they used once upon a time (grim), another tells a story about being on a ship and another talks about the witches which were burned. Most actors did incorporate humour into their roles. I especially liked one mans take on the court room! 

Having said all of this, I don't think I would like to go again. Once is most definitely enough, but nonetheless, it was something different. If you like this kind of thing, and a bit of history, then this is probably for you! 

You can find more out about the Amsterdam Dungeon here.

Although this is a sponsored post, these are my own thoughts. 
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