Book Review: Not That Kind Of Girl

The first book I can tick off my 2015 reads! I initially bought this as I'd heard so many people talking about how entertaining it is, and how skilled Lena Dunham is at writing. I have to say, I cannot fault the latter. However, the book just didn't grip me the way I thought it would. Okay, there were moments when I'd laugh out loud, but at other points I just felt it was just simply the memoirs of a rich girl.

Not That Kind Of Girl is a collection of candid essays written by Lena Dunham, who highlights the experiences that are part of making your way in the world and growing up. Being overweight, sex, love and confidence. Like I said, the book will most definitely make you laugh at times, for some more than others, and although her book does cover all subjects of growing up, I'm not entirely sure how many other young girls can relate to it in terms of Lena's experiences... 

Overall, a fun read but one that I don't think I would want to read again. 

What were your thoughts on Not That Kind Of Girl? 
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