Book Review: And The Mountains Echoed

And the Mountains Echoed was a book I put on my 2015 Reads List and had been putting off reading it a little bit. Not because I thought it would be bad - I've heard great things about all of Khaled Hosseini's books, but I knew it would be sad, and wasn't quite sure I could handle it. I've only seen the film of his book The Kite Runner- but that was enough for me to know this wasn't going to be an uplifting read. 

After much deliberation, I purchased the book on my Kindle and was pleasantly surprised on how quickly I got into it. I cannot deny it, it is a very sad book, filled with heartache but this book reminds you of the importance of the bonds of love. 

And the Mountains Echoed is about a brother, Abdullah, who would do anything for his younger sister Pari. In a life filled with poverty, their father takes Pari to Kabul in search for work. With Pari being the only person whom will bring Abdullah happiness, he will not be separated from his sister. What they both do not realise is that this will change their lives forever. 

 What are you currently reading? I'd love some recommendations for my list for 2016! 
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