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I've recently been getting more and more into Instagram. I've not always been a lover, but I'm beginning to be! Here is a few snapshots of what my life has been like lately. 

A new years resolution of mine was to take more care of my hands and nails, and 6 months down the road and it seems to be going pretty well! My nails don't seem to want to grow very long, but I quite like short nails (I guess I have to)! 

It's that time of year when deadlines and hand-ins are coming thick and fast. And a good ol' inspirational quote is just what I need around this stressful time (as well as the thought that in less than one months time, I can head home for summer... woohoo!) 

Okay, so two weeks ago I got the pleasure of having a spontaneous trip home... I gotta tell you, it was very needed. But whilst I was back, a not so common thing happened... The sun came out, oooh yeah it did! And that calls for one thing, a bbq with all my favourite people. Can't get much better in my opinion! 

I also decided to make bread. I remember making bread back in the day during Food Technology classes at school, making little plaits and crazy designs, unfortunately the professional bread maker in me has gone, and the best I could do was some bread rolls. They were still rather tasty though! 

Recently, I have been loving having fresh flowers in my room. My room is all white, so these beautiful roses brightened my room, and my week! 

Last, but no means least is this little shot of Amsterdam. This was taken on the way home from a meal out with one of my favourite Dutch ladies. My head is always stuck in my laptop and I always forget the beauty of Amsterdam. I am so lucky to live in such a cultured and interesting city! 

What have you been up to lately? 
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