Feelin' Kinda Geeky

The other day, I was scouting about on the Topshop website when I came across these beautiful shoes. At first I wasn't completely convinced. But then I saw someone wearing them on Instagram, and thought how gorgeous they looked on. When I was Skyping home that evening, I told my mum to head on over to Topshop's website and give me her honest opinion (online shopping via Skype is a regular occurrence with us two), and luckily she too, was feeling the geek shoe trend. 

Life's been pretty stressful lately, exams, deadlines, yanno that kinda thing... So when the doorbell rang and I had a little parcel from home, I cannot begin to explain how thrilled I was! Just some Cadbury chocolate would have been sufficient, but instead, I unwrapped the brown paper to find a brand spanking new pair of shiny, beautiful shoes! Such a wonderful surprise, and a wonderful momma! 

Of course, I immediately got trying them on and I think they will need a bit of wearing in (I find a lot of Topshop's shoes rub), but I can already tell, these guys will become an everyday fave!

Lately in Amsterdam it's been rather warm, but with the unpredictable weather, you never can tell when it's going to turn and the rain is gonna start pouring. I know these aren't completely practical, but they are still slightly warmer than your average sandal and you kinda get that gladiator vibe from them... 

It's also crazy to say, I don't own a pair of black flats... as a fashion obsessive, you'd think I'd own tonnes! Strange, strange girl... But there have been so many occasions when I just wished I had some. Although these are slightly out of my comfort zone, I'm gradually beginning to be converted to the 'geek shoe' side. 

What are your thoughts? 
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