Picnic In The Park

This afternoon, my lovely friend Philly and I decided to make the most of what had been predicted to be a sunny day and go for a picnic. Despite the weather not living up to the predictions, the sun still tried it's best to show its face through all the clouds, and we managed to sit in the park, and consume quite a lot of food. Luckily, it was all pretty healthy (dips, veggies, salmon, fruit... and maybe the occasional dorito ;)). 

A slightly/very wonky lamp post 
I can't deny how much I love a good old picnic. It's a perfect way to catch up with friends, enjoy the weather and is also a great, cheaper alternative to going out for lunch at a restaurant. 

After a few games of Uno, (may I just point out I won all games... competitive you ask? me? nooo!) we had a wander through Oosterpark and appreciated Amsterdam for a little while. 

My lovely friend Philipa playing Uno, who also has a blog at http://duskrising.co.uk/
Before heading back, we took a stroll to some shops nearby, where I may have picked up a couple of blushes from Douglas, which were, may I point out, an absolute steal! I also spotted a few gorgeous bits for my apartment, which I may have to pop back and get!

What have you been up to this weekend?
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  1. Een picknick is zo fijn met lekker weer! Leuke foto's :)

    Jules x

  2. We will have a re-match and I will win at least one game! I never knew I sucked so hard at uno.... haha
    Cute post also <3

  3. Your blog design is so lovely! :)