All Sewn Up

Despite my impatience, I love creating something from a piece of fabric and a reel of thread. It's a great feeling when I can put the sewing machine away and can put something on and proudly say 'I made this'. Not just because I made it, but because it's stayed together, it actually looks like a dress, it fit's well, and I know of the hard work that goes into making our clothes. 

I never make anything free-hand, so I can't take full credit for making a fully functioning dress. But following a pattern isn't always as easy as you'd think! Then again, it isn't rocket science either. I had made this particular pattern before, so I was kinda clued up on what I was doing. But to give myself a bit of a challenge, I modified the pattern, to make it slightly shorter. 

There are parts of the dress which I'd like to improve. For example, the seam at the waist is really slightly ruched. It isn't all that noticeable, but being a complete perfectionist when it comes to things like this, it stands out to me quite a lot. But to re-do this minor imperfection, I would have had to take the top and skirt apart, which will have undone hours of my work. Not only would it have meant time, but the fabric wouldn't be as strong and as it's such a delicate cotton, it would fray quite badly. 

It's all of these tiny details you don't think of when putting on an item of clothing, and until you've made a garment, you don't realise the hard work and dedication that has gone into making your clothing pretty perfect. I mean, I know a large majority of your clothes will have been made using hi-tech machinery, but what about that sequinned dress? All of those sequins will have been individually hand-sewn on. Time consuming? Agonising? Tedious? I think so! 

Even if it's not something you want to take up as a hobby, I do think it's worth making your own piece of clothing, to see the hard work and patience you must have to create something wearable. And you never know, it could end up being something you love to do, like it is for me!

I bought this blue floral patterned fabric at Albert Cuyp Market in Amsterdam. I bought about 2 metres, so I have quite a lot left over, so think I will incorporate it into my next garment! The pattern I used was bought in John Lewis and is a Vogue Pattern! 
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  1. Nice look! This blue print is so good on you!


    1. Thanks girl, so sweet of you!! Thanks for stopping by! xxx