Crabtree & Evelyn Body Butter Bargain

As I was walking through my beloved home town, my eye caught site of the Crabtree & Evelyn sale. I love this store, it's beautifully scented (not overpoweringly so), peaceful and rather quaint. Unfortunately, products in there are usually pretty darn expensive, so I don't shop there too often as you can get very similar products from The Body Shop for a fraction of the price. Having said that, after giving half the stores products a whiff, I'm beginning to think the fragrances at Crabtree & Evelyn are slightly more dreamy. 

I'm a lover of a lovely rich creamy texture when it comes to my body creams. I get really dry skin, so faffing about with watery lotions is just a pointless battle. So when I came across this beautiful English Honey and Peach Blossom Body Butter, which may I just add smells amazing, I already knew I had to have it, especially when it's only £6.60, reduced from £22.00! 

This body butter has conditioning peach blossom extract and moisturising honey, shea butter and moringa oil, which are perfect ingredients for leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished. 

Although I haven't had this product long, I'm already sold. The formulation is great for my dry skin (especially in these colder winter months), and keeps it looking alive and well moisturised. And that scent? Well you'll be spending the day telling yourself how gorgeous you smell, oh and you may be tempted to eat it! But I wouldn't recommend that! 

Have you tried any Crabtree & Evelyn products? Any you'd recommend? 
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