What's In My Everyday Handbag

I'm always interested to know what others carry around in their handbags (so nosey, I know), so I thought I'd share with you what's in mine! I try to be as organised as I can, and I often end up being like Mary Poppins carrying everything around with me. A girl can never be too prepared, right? 

So of course, the basics... Purse, mine is from Paul Smith and my iPhone. Umbrella, I go through these like a crazy woman, the Dutch winds are just too strong! But it'a a must when you live in England and Amsterdam! 

Lip balm. This is essential for me, especially when we are coming into the colder months. I love Nuxe RĂªve de Miel. A couple of choices of lipstick, depending on that days outfit and what I'm doing. I don't tend to bother with additional makeup - I never find the time to touch up once I'm out and about, unless something important is going on. 

And of course, you don't want to be putting on lipstick without a mirror! I don't know about you, but its lethal giving me a lipstick and no device to see what I'm doing. I'll walk around looking like I am truly bonkers! I have this cute little compact mirror from Swarovski. I also like to keep a bobble handy in my bag. I try to keep all of these kind of things together in a small purse so that I can find them easily. This cute little purse is from Next

Diary, as I said, I like to be organised! I'm not one of these girls who likes to use their calendar on their phone - I'm old fashioned and like everything written down. I use the Moleskine agenda
Tissues and hand sanitiser, two essentials. For when you get a sniffle or need a quick sanitise. Especially in Winter, with so many cold's flying around, it's good to keep hygienic. Having said that, I may also be a bit of a hypochondriac ;). I use either The Body Shop or Soap & Glory hand sanitisers. I also find that many hand sanitisers can be quite drying on the skin, so I always have a hand cream in my bag. I really like The Body Shop Hemp Hand Cream, its a handy size and is really nourishing. But try before you buy - many people hate the scent! 

Kindle - I'm currently reading Gone Girl, and get it out at any opportunity. It's rather gripping, review coming soon! Chewing gum - never know when you may need minty fresh breath! And paracetamol. It's the worst when you get a headache and have nothing to help ease the pain! I also try keep plasters in my bag - I'm one of those girls who always get's blisters, my mum says I must walk like Quasimodo - thanks mum! Anyway, moral of this story, be prepared! 

Although it may be coming into Winter now, I still find sunglasses to be super important! When the sun is low in the sky, in the mornings or in the evenings, I do appreciate me sunny's! These are from Burberry

A snack. I get low blood sugar and get all shaky. So I try to carry around some kind of snack with me. It's usually just a cereal bar of some sort or a piece of fruit, but I find this really helpful for when I'm on the go. And of course, a bottle of water. Hydration is key after all ladies! 

Anything you can't live without in your handbag? 

Handbag - Mulberry Bayswater
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  1. I loved this post. I always carry my diary around with me too :)


  2. Love this post! I am always curious to know too.

    PS gone girl.... amazingggg. I love it.

    as told by tavi 

    1. Thank you for stopping by Octavia!! Oooh, I can't wait to finish it and see what happens! Lilly xx

  3. Ooo you have a Mulburry bag! I am beyond jealous it's absolutely gorgeous. Such a lovely post, a very easy read. Have a lovely afternoon!

    Shannon at katepetali.blogspot.co.uk

  4. The Mulberry bag is so beautiful :)

    I'm giving away two new EOS Lip Balms on my blog. Feel free to enter :)