French Pharmacy Haul

As you will know from my previous post, I recently spent a couple days in Paris, where I may have gone slightly over board (if thats possible), in City Pharma. Although they had so many great products in stock, and prices are reeeally good, if you get slightly claustrophobic (like me), then this probably won't be your favourite place. I honestly couldn't wait to get out! 

Anyway, I presume you clicked on the post to read about what I bought, not about my experience in there... So I'll shut up and get on with it! There's a lot to come, so you may want to pop and get a cuppa! 

I of course picked up a large Bioderma and a mini (around €2). I bought the 500ml in a two pack for around €15. My friend and I split the pack. Although I know I will use this product, I haven't really so far. I think it'll only come out when I'm feeling super lazy and don't want to do a full routine, kind of a replacement for wipes. 

I also picked up the Crème Hydratante from Bioderma, a moisturiser for dehydrated, sensitive skin. So far, I am loving this product, but will probably post something more detailed when I've used it for a little longer! 

A product which I've wanted to try out for quite some time was the Caudalíe Eau De Beauté, so I picked this up in a mini size. I'm saving this for travelling, as I've heard it's great for giving the skin a boost of hydration. Although I have also heard it's nice for setting makeup, so I may give that a go! It smells really relaxing - even better for flying! 

I also picked up a Caudalie hand cream and lip balm set. So far I really like the lip balm, it sinks in nicely and actually does what it says! The hand cream smells gorgeous, I've been sticking to my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Hand Cream lately because I've been experiencing really dry hands, but I should give this more of a chance! 

I know you can get La Roche-Posay pretty easily in England now, although I'm not sure how much of the range is actually available. I may be wrong, but I don't think Serozinc is available, so I picked up a bottle of this for €4.90. I also purchased their Effaclar Duo +, which I've been applying to spotty areas at night, and it seems to have really done the job! I also picked up Cicaplast, which is pretty expensive in Boots. This is for skin irritations and minor injuries, I've been trying it out on my chapped lips. 

I couldn't not try Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre. So far I am loving this bad boy! It's a really nice, light weight cream, great for applying before makeup.

I also bought a few bits from Avène. The first is their Clearance Mask, which I've tried out a couple of times and will report back to you on that one! I also picked up Avène Eau Thermale, which is really calming but so far I'm not all that fussed! Lastly I picked up the Cold Cream Lip Cream in stick form, this is really nice but tends to leave your lips looking slightly pale. 

I picked up a couple of bits from Nuxe. Most products I got were for family members, but I did pick myself up the Nuxe Rêve de Miel in a hand cream and lip balm, as well as the Nuxe Multi-Use Dry Oil, which I think I may love... Again, more information soon! 

Finally, I picked up a small tube of Homeplasmine for about €2.99. A multi-use product that you can get from behind the counter in the pharmacy. This is great for burns, dry or grazed skin etc. 

Like I told you, it's a lot! I went a bit mad, but I wasn't sure of the next time I'd be in Paris (excuses, I know ;)). 

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them if you have? 
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  1. Fabulous purchases! I love the Nuxe oil <3 xx

    1. Yes me too! What do you use it for mostly? Lilly xx

  2. I love french pharmacy products! God I'm so jealous.. the Nuxe oil is so amazing for everything and the Embryolisse cream is one of the best things ever, both as a primer and moisturizer.

    1. I'm totally obsessed with the Nuxe oil!! Thanks for leaving a comment Rebecca! Lilly xx