Naked 2 Basics Palette Review

 I have been after getting my little hands on one of these palettes for some time now. Whilst roaming the isles of Sephora, I picked it up about 100 times, only to decide I'd spent enough in the French pharmacy and didn't purchase it. I also had a little birdy (my friend) in my ear "mmm yeah it's uhh nice". Normally this particular birdy is encouraging me to buy pretty much all things I like, but not this time, weirdly enough though, it didn't seem to occur to me. We'd decided to do a Sinter Klaus celebration together this year (a Dutch celebration), as I'll be back in England and won't get to swap gifts around the 25th. So in Dutch tradition, we each wrote a poem and then made something that relates to the person, and put our gifts inside. What I received was one of the most thoughtful gifts I've received in my life! She seriously out-did me! 

Tucked inside was a small gift, which she'd already told me "I can't wait for you to open, you're gonna love it", of course, I had no idea what it could be. Low and behold, the Naked 2 Basics Palette. As you can imagine, the excitement was off the scale - so once again, if you're reading this... Thank you Manon :)! 

I know that was a bit of a ramble, but I just had to share that little story with you... But now I'll get on with talking about the product. The palette comes with 5 matt shades and 1 slightly shimmery/highlight shade, Skimp. All the shadows are cool-toned and natural in colouring, perfect for wearing as a base underneath bolder eyeshadows or just to go with a simple, no fuss everyday makeup look. 

The shadows are really blendable, and aren't chalky at all. Just like the other Naked palettes, it is great quality, and even better is that it fits in my makeup bag, so perfect for when you're travelling around! 

I'm still playing around with the palette, but I know it will come in use extremely often. My only little niggle about it is that the shades are much cooler than the original Naked palette, and I do tend to like warmer tones, so it takes some getting used to. Having said that, you can create a much softer look with it! 

Have you tried the Naked 2 Basics palette? Whats your favourite Urban Decay product? 
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  1. How nice of your friend to get you this! It looks gorgeous. I love all the shades inside this palette. X x

    1. I know!! She's a sweetie! :) thanks for commenting! Lilly xx

  2. Haha! Cool friend! I have the first one and I love it :)
    Urban Decay have really nice products!

    x vonyll

    1. She is!!
      Yeah, I've heard a lot of good things about the first one! I have the original Naked palettes, which I love!
      Thanks for stopping by Vonyll! Lilly xx

  3. I love Urban Decay! When I was in my teens I used to use the glitter on my eyes - a bit garish now perhaps as I'm in my mid twenties but I do think it's such a fun brand. Just discovered your blog, and really love it! I've joined your circle on bloglovin, would love it if you could come join me too!


    Ellie x

    1. It's an amazing brand, I love their eyeshadows! I also loved the glitter eyeliners when I was younger too haha! Thank you so much Ellie :) Lilly xx