Weekly Round-Up #10

I'm sorry for how delayed this post is (and for the lack of posts this past week). I've had a lovely but action packed week where I simply didn't have time to sit down and blog. I must say, I've missed blogging. So I'm happy to be back! 
Last Wednesday my boyfriend arrived in New York, hence the lack of communication on here, and on all my social media! I had the week off work to enjoy the city and to make new memories. With us both living away from home, it doesn't make it too easy getting to spend time together, so moments like these really are the best. 
Aside from doing all the touristy things you should do when in NYC - Empire State, Statue of Liberty, Times Square... We went to a New York Knicks basketball game (if you're ever in the city and they're playing, I'd highly recommend!), lounged on the pier in West Village, ate macaroons in Central Park and did a hell'uva lot of walking! 
To be honest, the walking was probably a blessing, because we ate rather a lot! I don't even wanna know how many calories were in the hot dog I demolished at the basketball game! Totally worth it though - I'm now a hot dog convert! 
Whilst walking around the Upper West Side, we discovered a little place called Isabella's, a gorgeous Mediterranean-American bistro. We liked it so much we went back for dinner a couple of days later. For lunch I ate their Carbonara Gnocchi, which was delicious! My boyfriend had the Sword Fish sandwich, which was equally yummy! When we returned for dinner, I had the sea food ravioli, which I can't say was as good as the gnocchi but I really enjoyed it nevertheless! My boyfriend opted for the Sword Fish option again (not gonna lie, I had serious food envy). 
For our last dinner together we found a small, intimate restaurant called The Place in West Village. Service, food and atmosphere were all amazing! We both went for the Roast Chicken, which was cooked perfectly! 
Before he left, we went for a spot of brunch in Chelsea Market. We chose a place called Friedman's, which in my opinion, was an excellent choice! The food was delicious, as was my fresh juice! 
As you can imagine, I'm struggling with getting back to reality. 
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  1. Great pictures! And the food looked delicious! :D