Weekly Round-Up #11

I'm already half way through my time here! It's crazy how fast the weeks just fly by! I still have so much to plan and fit in before I leave! But I'm loving New York all the more now that the sun has decided to show it's face and allow temperatures to get into the 20's! 

Unfortunately I don't have much to tell this week, I've worked everyday except Saturday since my boyfriend left. Luckily, the weather was the best on Saturday, so my friends and I got to enjoy the sunshine whilst shopping in Soho and lounging with a bottle of wine in Central Park. We brunched at a place on Bowery Street called Gemma's - where I had the Prosciutto and Arugla Pizza, which was delicious. I'm not normally a pizza girl, but I saw it on somebody else's table and it looked amazing! In the evening, we went for some frozen yoghurt at Pink Berry, which was much better than I expected it to be! 

After work on Sunday, I met my friends downtown at a highly recommended restaurant called Jack's Wife Freda. I can't deny it, the food was delicious - I had the peri peri chicken. Having said that, not only do I think I can make a glass of Pimm's better (if I do say so myself), but the service was pretty bad. I can't say I will be returning! 

Anyhow, I'm dreaming of more days like Saturday! 
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