Weekly Round-Up #19

The weather has been basically tropical this past weekend, which meant all I could think about was getting out and getting my tan on. In hindsight, I must remember that SPF is around for a reason, and regular top-ups are necessary... just to fill you in, the aftermath of two days in the 28 degree heat with little to no sun cream, left me with sunstroke and a very fried body. Aloe Vera gel is my new best friend! 
On Friday night, my friend and I went to the Frying Pan, a docked boat on the Hudson River, which in the summer months is opened as a bar/restaurant. The views were beautiful and the place had a great atmosphere. Cocktails weren't great so I'd stick to the wine, unless you're a beer drinker (which they had a lot of). 
On Saturday, I discovered a great little coffee place called Bibble & Sip on W 53rd St. They do unusual flavoured coffee's and matcha latte's - with alpaca faces on! This is of course the selling point for me! After, we bathed on our rooftop until the sunset. 
Sunday I frazzled myself at Long Beach. We took the Long Island Rail Road directly there and bathed the day away. From what I've heard, Long Beach is one of the nicest beaches in New York. The sand is very clean, as were the restrooms! The sea wasn't so much for me (slightly dirty looking), but people were still swimming in there anyway! When we'd finished frying, we walked over the bridge into Long Island to a lobster restaurant called Jordans. Service was unbelievably slow but I finally got to try a lobster roll. Quite honestly, I was disappointed! 

Just three more weeks until I head back to the UK! 
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