Birchbox Review #1

As a birthday gift, I received a three month subscription to Birchbox. If you aren't familiar with Birchbox, it is a monthly beauty box subscription company. I had wanted to try it out since the whole beauty box subscription idea became a thing, but never got around to it - so was pretty excited when I opened July's box on my birthday at the beginning of August!

Inside the box was a cute clear, bright pink pouch with six products inside. Other than the Dream Screen from Benefit and the Congested Skin Serum from Balance Me, I'd never heard of any of the brands inside before. 

The most boring, but useful item was a large nail file from Spa To You. It's a standard nail file, so I of course haven't got much to say about it but it has come in pretty handy since I've had it! 

The product I was most excited by was the trio of eyeshadows in the shade Peach Parfait from Pop Beauty. I'm always a fan of palettes that have colour combinations already planned out for you - it just makes applying eyeshadow so much more simple! Although the shades have lovely pigmentation and apply nicely to the lids, their longevity really isn't that great so I've been having to use a MAC cream eyeshadow on the base to really make sure they stay in place. I'm also not a fan of the packaging at all. It would have been something I could have gotten over had the product been better, but I just feel it looks and feels rather cheap. 

The gorgeous duck egg nail polish by Soigné (Pistache) applies beautifully to the nails and is a lovely Spring/Summer shade that won't clash with any of your outfits. So far, so good, other than it chipping quite quickly, but I think thats more down to my rubbish top coat than it is the polish! 

I burned myself on the curling tongues on my birthday so the Aloe Vera Body Treatment by Unani came in very useful. I will be saving this tube for trips away or in the case I find myself resembling a lobster (not likely being in England)! 

I haven't used the Dream Screen by Benefit much yet, but I really do need to get into using an SPF more. I always try to ensure my foundation or day cream has an SPF in, especially in the Summer months, but I would like to try out some actual face SPFs. The only downside to this sample is it's size - minuscule is the only way I can describe it! 

The final product inside the little pouch was the Balance Me Congested Skin Serum. The smell of this product is enough to win me over! It's a very citrussy clean smell, which I adore! It is too soon to tell if this product actually works- so I'm sure it'll feature in the blog at some point if it does. 

Unfortunately, we are now almost at the end of August and I am yet to receive my second Birchbox. I'm hoping they haven't forgotten about me!  
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  1. Ooh the nail polish looks like such a pretty shade! <3

    1. Yes its such a gorgeous duck egg/grey shade! Thanks for commenting Jennie! I appreciate your support! Lilly xx

  2. I've ordered a couple Birchbox before and I love opening it to see what's inside. I think you got some good items, and can't wait to see what you get in your second box!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Me too, thanks for commenting Emily! I will be sure to share with you Augusts box when I receive it! Lilly xx