The Secret Life of Bees

Recently I have been trying to get my head into some more books. Living in Holland, my friends often ask me what big words mean, so I frantically sit there on my phone looking it up... Yep, it’s that bad! My vocabulary is atrocious *slyly adds in a kind of big word*. I decided I needed to improve on the vocab front, and what better way than to read some books?

I’d heard so much about The Secret Life of Bees before I got around to reading it, and I gotta say, it’s so far one of my all time favourite reads, I loved it! The way the author, Sue Monk Kidd writes is unbelievably poignant, she leaves you feeling every emotion. I laughed, I welled up a few times and I finished the book feeling incredibly moved.

Not wanting to give much away... Because seriously, you should read it, The Secret Life of Bees is about a young girl, Lily who believes she killed her mother when she was 4. Ten years on and living in a time when racial tension is rife, her only friend is the families black servant, Rosaleen. One day, when living with her awful father, T-Ray life gets too much and Lily & Rosaleen run away following clues her dead mother has left behind. Lily finds comfort in a house of three beekeepers and the mystery of her mother begins to unfold.

Monk Kidd makes you feel for every character, you may have to wait a while to see there is good in everyone, but this book makes you realise, there is. I highly recommend this book for anyone, whether you love reading, or your like me and your trying to get yourself into it, The Secret Life of Bees will make you wish there were more books out there like this one! Seriously, I can’t think of one bad thing to say! Get reading peeps!!

What did you think of it? Is there any books your reading or would recommend adding to my reading list? 
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