Pretty Blue Prints

So now Spring is here and Summer is around the corner (she says looking out the window at the pouring rain), it's time to get rid of those dull colours and brighten your wardrobe up with some colour... And what better way than a gorgeous print?

Whilst roaming the internet I came across these gorgeous pieces which I had to share with you all! I didn't think I was such a blue person, but this post says otherwise! But you can't blame me for picking these pieces, they are beauty's! 

First off are these gorgeous Topshop Tile Print Jeans. Whilst these are pretty busy, it shouldn't be too scary to wear due to their simple and understated colours. And because you got a lot goin' on down below, you don't need to go too crazy with the accessories. Simple top and pumps and your good to go! 

I am officially in love with this Zara floral printed blazer! I'd team this with some white jeans and some simple shoes. Or if your feeling super brave, why not pair it with the matching shorts? Not sure if I'm daring enough, but I know I love the look! What do you think? 

Mollie King is a huge style icon of mine, she always looks effortlessly chic, and her Loved By Mollie range with Oasis is no exception. How beautiful is this Oriental Aviary Jumpsuit? A plus with this, is theres not much thinking to do when putting it on! 

Ted Baker have so many gorgeous styles in at the moment. Having said that, some aren't really my thing... But this peter pan collared printed top is just too darn beautiful! 

Last but no means least are these stunning J Crew printed ballet pumps. I think these are the perfect accessory to add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe and are the simplest way to add colour into your ensemble without being too in-your-face! 

What's your thoughts on this trend? 
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  1. I love this trend! :) Blue is so cute, I think I'm going to buy something nice in it... :)

  2. Such a cute trend, very spring-esque. I've fallen in love with that floral blazer! It will look gorgeous with a simple outfit.


    Hannah x

    1. Glad you like it Hannah! Lovely blog, I have followed you on Bloglovin! Lilly xx