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I recently discovered Marks and Spencer's amazing new range of hair and beauty products... I can't deny, this discovery hasn't been great for my bank balance. But I have discovered a few great products which I'd not heard of before. 

So first off is Skyn Iceland Skincare.
There are many different lines within this range which will suit different skin types, I picked up the 'solutions for stressed skin' travel kit which has four travel sized products inside a neat little bag. 

The Pure Cloud Cleanser for stressed skin is gentle on my  sensitive skin and leaves my skin looking bright and radiant. One tip, don't get this near your eyes... Wowee it burns! 

The Arctic Hydrating Balm is the next step in this routine. A small amount of this went a long way for me, and hydrated my skin sufficiently. 

I'm currently obsessing over eye creams, until quite recently, I always used the same one, but I'm going through a little phase where I'm loving trying out new ones... And I gotta say, the Icelandic Eye Relief Pen is wonderful, its not too thick, so perfect for going on before applying makeup, but also really helped reduce my huge bags!! This is probably my favourite product of them all and I will definitely be repurchasing this little guy!

The final step is the Oxygen Infused Night Cream... I can't deny I tried this in the morning as I enjoyed using everything else during my morning routine, however I felt this was slightly too heavy and worked much better when left to sink into the skin overnight, leaving my skin looking much more plumped and hydrated. 
Overall, a lovely range that is perfect for those of you who experience any dry, dehydrated looking skin. 

Have you tried any of the Skyn Iceland products? Or anything from Marks and Spencer's I need to get my hands on? I'm off home today, so would love to hear your thoughts so I can pick up some bits whilst I'm home!! 
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  1. This actually sounds really good. I never heard of it before though!



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