Pamper Night Picks

In my humble opinion, pamper nights are essential in any girls life. Coming home after a hard day and giving yourself a few beautifying treats is just a necessity. I would love to be able to use lots of high end products for pampering myself, but unfortunately my budget doesn't cut it, and to be honest, drug stores just get better and better at giving us some amazing (cheaper) products. 

Although I vary my pamper night products, and don't always do face masks, exfoliate, have bubble baths, it's nice to have the possibility to do so, and depending on the time you have, you can just pick something that will perk up your mood. 

One mood perker (may have just made up a word -- apologies), is definitely a nice hot bubble bath. The downside to bubbles is that they can be quite drying on my skin, so I often just soak in Johnson's baby bedtime oil, this smells dreamy and works wonders on my skin. But when I really want my bubbles, I tend to opt for baby bubbles. These usually have less chemically/drying products in them, and smell heavenly for when you just want to chill out and then get into bed. This Pure Adore bubble bath is actually one I picked up in Asda, it's cheap and is really lovely! 

The Soap and Glory body scrubs have been in my life for quite a few years now, and honestly, I couldn't see my life without them. Okay, thats a bit OTT, but you get the idea, I love them a lot. Sugar Crush is probably my favourite of their selection. It's zesty and sweet and smells waayyy too beautiful. It also leaves your skin feeling so soft, it really does the trick. I also appreciate that it is quite grainy but not overly so, as in it doesn't hurt or irritate the skin when you use it. 

Whilst I'm soaking in my bath I usually pop on a face mask as my pores are open from the steam and therefore it will work best! I have many favourite masks, but the Apivita range is definitely a lovely one to look out for. I bought a few sachets of different kinds in Marks & Spencer, which is great because if you don't like it, you haven't wasted your money on buying a whole tube! 

If I apply a face mask, I don't tend to exfoliate my face on the same night, this is just way too much for my sensitive skin. But I do exfoliate a few times a week. I love this Clinique 7 day scrub cream as it's the perfect intensity whilst still being soft on the skin. Leaves my skin feeling lovely!! 

Not only am I a lover of the Soap and Glory body scrubs, I'm a lover of their moisturisers too! Although I usually like a really thick moisturiser, the smell of the Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion completely wins me over as it's so good you could eat it, which it means it's perfect for pamper night, you can't help but smile once you get a whiff of yourself! 

Is it just me, or is The Body Shop completely winning when it comes to new products lately? I'm loving everything of theirs at the moment! I have been trying these out the Vitamin E range for a couple of months now, and I gotta tell you folks, its fabby! I apply the Moisture Mask a couple of times a week, when I'm not using this, I've been applying the Overnight Serum, which has done my skin wonders! Both of these products are so lovely for when you feel a bit crap as they really hydrate the skin if it's looking a bit stressed! 

So, maybe a few products to try if you'll be having a pamper night this weekend!
What are your pamper night picks? 
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  1. I really love the Sugar Crush Body Scrub too!
    I'm yet to try the Vitamin E range by the Body Shop and have heard nothing but good things - I think you've just convinced me to try it though :)
    Lil x

    1. You definitely should give it a go!! Thanks for stopping by! Lilly xx