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When I come home, I love looking through my mums skincare stash to see if she has any new products that I can have a cheeky try of. Her stash is usually filled with a lot of Clarins products, which target older skin types, so I often walk away feeling really rather cheated. 
I recently arrived home to two Nivea pots sitting in the bathroom cabinet. The brand has never really appealed to me but I decided to go in for further inspection. As I opened the Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream, I immediately got a whiff of a really subtle, pleasant smell, which is always a winner! Don't you hate putting smelly products on your skin?! When I applied a little, it was thick (extra points for thickness), and felt really nourishing as I applied it to my skin. Although it isn't life changing, at £4.45 from Boots, you can't exactly grumble. Especially because I think it does leave the skin nourished and sinks in really quickly, ready to apply makeup. 
I haven't tried this yet, but I think in this heat, where I wake up with clammy skin, it would be really lovely to apply this cream when its cool. I'll definitely be giving that a go! 
The Regenerating Night Cream smells slightly different to the day cream, but its a clean, fresh smell, so really easy to wear. It also goes on really nicely, and with it being slightly thicker (not much), than the day cream, it's a really nice product to put on before bed and get your skin hydrated over night. 
I'd say both products are good for most skin types, unless you're really dry or really oily. 
So Mum, you found a good'un here. I'll definitely be checking out the Nivea isle when I'm next in Boots! 
What do you think of the brand? Have you tried any of their products? 
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  1. These sound like lovely products for people with drier skin. I'm always a bit scared of 'anti-wrinkle' products because sometimes they can smell a bit funky but glad these don't!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames