Sun Beds vs. Self Tan

Sun beds create so much controversy, but I can't deny, I'm in favour of them. You may be thinking 'say whaaat?!', but I'm onna those gals who burns pretty easily. Being fair haired and quite pale naturally, a few days of warm weather, and I'm resembling a lobster. After a few goes on the sun beds (wearing goggles and being careful of how many minutes I go on for), I have a base tan, which means my skin isn't so prone to burning, 'cos it's gotten used to the UV rays. I'm not saying going on everyday of the year is good, by no means do I believe that... But when it's 25 degrees outside, I'm glad of my base tan, so that I'm not having to put on factor 50 and not gaining the slightest bit of colour. 

It's a well known fact that using sun beds can increase your risk of getting skin cancer, but for me, using them with caution beats walking around with horrible burns, which is also increasing my risk of skin cancer! So surely just a couple of goes on the sun bed before you head off on your holidays to get a slight bit of colour can actually benefit your skin? Or am I crazy?! 

Then there's self-tan. I've tried pretty much every fake tan there is, and I just can't get into it. It's great for a night out, when you just want to cover up those pasty legs, but it doesn't stop me from burning. And when it washes off, it can sometimes go patchy or get all over your bed sheets and clothes... Winner? I think not! And I'm not even mentioning the smell a lot of fake tans leave behind, or when your slightly heavy handed with application and end up looking like you've been tangoed! 

Okay, I'm being a pretty negative ninny. Fake tans are great products. They don't pose any risk to your skin and many do leave a very natural finish. They are also perfect for those who shouldn't use sun beds, for example, pregnant women, people under 18, really fair individuals, those on medication, or have been advised not to by their doctor for a medical reason. 

I'm a huge fan of spray tans. As long as I exfoliate well beforehand, these usually last a while and look great. Unfortunately, they are pretty pricey if you were to get one done regularly. 

All have their strengths and weaknesses. Are you totally against sun beds and a self-tanner all the way? Or are you more of a cautious sun bed user? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

*I am by no means educated in this area, so these thoughts are my own, and not based on any medical research or facts. 
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