Summer Reading: The Fault in Our Stars

It may sound harsh, but I'm not one to pick up a book about cancer. They are usually pretty cliché, depressing and quite predictable, so the only real reason I picked this one up is because of its amazing reviews. So I may have followed the crowd a bit on this one|! Oh, and I hate seeing the film before I've read the book... Is anyone else like that? 

By no means is The Fault in Our Stars clichéd or predictable. Okay, it get's kinda depressing, but as silly as it sounds, it makes you grateful to be alive! It isn't just depressing though, its funny, sweet, happy, sad... And it isn't just a cancer story, it's a love story, and a beautiful one at that! 

If your not familiar with The Fault in Our Stars, it's about a girl, Hazel who has terminal cancer and has pretty much given up on life, until one day she goes to Support Group and meets Augustus Waters. Augustus is an ex basketballer, who is good looking and charming, and of course, they fall utterly in love. They begin doing everything together, travelling, having fun and sharing one another's pain. But like the title says, Augustus and Hazel's stars aren't alined, and their love story has an expiry date. That doesn't mean they don't have something we all wish for in our life times, though! 

If your a crier, get the tissues ready, this ones a good'un! 
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