The Body Shop: Camomile Cleansing Butter

I have recently raved endlessly about how much I've been loving The Body Shop's products, and I've finally found something that I'm not so in love with... I know, its sad! It's not that I dislike the Camomile Cleansing Butter completely, I just think that the Cleansing Oil is better, less wasteful and has really helped keep pesky spots at bay. 

The cleansing butter goes on nicely, and gets makeup off quite easily, however I have had to use quite a bit when I've gone on nights out and worn more makeup, which is a tad annoying when it's 5am and I'm slaving away trying to get my makeup off! One plus though, is I think it's great at getting non-waterproof mascara off! The cleansing oil leaves it all over your face, whereas the butter gets it off and leaves it around your eye... If that makes sense?! 

The butter is basically a balm consistency, which I'm not too experienced in anyway, but from what I can work out, a lot usually goes a long way. That isn't the case with this, and I can see myself going through this really quickly. It's not such a hardship when it's only £12.00, but when you can get the oil for £2 cheaper and it works much more efficiently, well, you do the math! 

Like the oil, the butter does leave your skin feeling lovely and moisturised, which is one huge plus for the camomile products I've tried, but for me, the cons don't outweigh the pro's. 

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? 
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