What I Ate Wednesday: 28 Day Brazilian Diet

As of the 1st July, myself and my family have decided to do a month of dieting -- I say 'diet', but actually, it's just healthy eating, the Brazilian way. I've always known Brazilians have a reputation to be slim, have great figures and skin... So when I heard Lorraine on itv was doing a piece on the diet, I looked into it. Here is the link to find out more! 

Luckily enough, the diet plan on Lorraine includes exercise regimes (I'm not doing them- but have signed back up to a gym and will be going 4 times per week), and a 28 day eating plan, including snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner! So, most of the hard work has been done for you, you just gotta have the motivation and determination to stick to the plan. The plan says no fizzy drinks or alcohol. I'm not a regular drinker, but with a few friends 21st birthdays coming up and a few celebrations for me coming home, I can't promise I'll be sticking to this completely. Other than those few cheeky beverages, I will be sticking to the plan best I can... So this means no processed foods, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fruit, vegetables, chicken and fish!

There are a few more rules and things to read up on, but everything is pretty self explanatory and simple. The explanations aren't all in scientist speak, where you sit looking at a work thinking "what the heck", so I got you covered on that front ;). 

 These meals aren't vegetarian, so quite a shame for you veggies out there, as the meals all sound delicious! But if your up for a summer challenge, wanting to tone up, or lose a few pounds, whatever your goals may be... Why not give this a go? I'll be giving you a low down on how I'm doing every Wednesday! I'm hoping that doing this diet, along with doing regular exercise, I'll get myself back into shape (I'm far too unfit for a 20 year old), and tone up! 

So, what are your thoughts on the Brazilian diet? Are you trying to get fit this summer? What's your plan of action?
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