Eden Hall Spa Day

As a birthday treat, my mum took my sister and I to the Eden Hall Spa in Nottinghamshire. I have been wanting to go to this particular spa for quite some time, so was beyond excited to finally get to have a day of utter relaxation. To get a day of pure bliss, I left my phone at home, and made my way to the spa. 
We arrived at Eden Hall at 9am, and were welcomed with ice tea and fluffy robes, which we immediately got into, and then scurried down the hallway to breakfast (yes, in our robes)! Breakfast was served on a platter, where we got a variation of pastries, meats, salmon, cheeses, fruits, yoghurt and bread. Which I can't deny, it was delish! 
Once we'd finished attempting to eat all the food, (for the record- it was far too much) we waddled down the stairs and into the spa. We found ourselves some sun loungers, put our books down and tried out almost every single facility. Steam rooms (the rose quartz steam room was the best, in my opinion), cold water foot baths, back and shoulder massages, saunas, water jets, herbal rooms... I was in heaven. 
After all the hard work of walking from one facility to the next, I was worn out, so got on my lounger by the pool, and went to sleep! ... It's a hard life! Once I awoke from my slumber, I took a leisurely swim around the pool, and enjoyed the weather in the outdoor jacuzzi. 
After doing more of the same, we got called to lunch, where I was surprised with champagne and a three course meal. After much cackling and eating, we once again waddled away, feeling very full and overindulged. Which of course, only meant one thing... A cup of tea and a nap was in order. So the three of us cuddled up in the conservatory, and went for 40 winks. 
The day continued in a very similar manner (except we didn't do anymore napping, before you think we're complete slugs)! 
It was a wonderful day, full of laughter and a lovely atmosphere. I couldn't of asked for a more perfect day, spent with more perfect people. 
My Eden Hall experience exceeded my expectations, and I'd hurry back this second if I could. Although I wish it was slightly more personal to the guest, I think it's a really great price for what you get. 
So if you're feeling like being pampered and having a good old relax, a spa day is definitely something you should put on your list. You won't regret it! 

*Photography by Beverley Perkins photographer 
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