Getting Ready for Uni

Starting university can be an extremely daunting experience (it definitely was for me). No matter if you'll be 15 minutes down the road or in another country, it's not easy moving away from home and starting a whole new chapter in your life. Although it'll all be worth it in the end, I thought I'd conjure up my top tips for when things get a little bit tough, and all you wanna do is snuggle up in your bed at home...

1. Take something with you that makes your new place feel homely (photo's, blankets, anything that will cheer you up when your feeling a bit down). 

2. Do something. Whether that be go for a jog, go for coffee with someone you've just met, just get yourself out there. 

3. Your not the only one who will be feeling overwhelmed, so gather up some courage and talk to your fellow students, I'm sure they are dying to make friends just as much as you! 

4. I moved to another country to study, therefore my 'comfort' foods aren't so easy to find in Holland, which means every time I pack my case to head back, a large majority of it is filled with my favourite snacks. And when I've munched them all and I'm not going home for a while? My dear mum sends me a cute little package stuffed with my best things... Cutie! 

5. Keep in touch with your friends from home. Even when you are having so much fun and making new friends, don't forget your oldies, because when you need a shoulder to cry on, they too, will be there for you! 

6. Have some pamper bits on standby for when you're really feeling like poop... I'm a lover of a nice bath, face mask, candles and a bitta Cadbury chocolate. Whatever your weakness is, make sure you have it ready! (My Lush bath bombs are already waiting to be packed)!

7. Exercise. Whenever I'm feeling a bit 'blurgh', exercise works wonders. I can't deny, it takes a lot of pushing myself to get me into gear, but boy oh boy do I feel better afterwards.

8. Recipe books! Invest in a couple of recipe books to give you ideas for when you're hungry. Your skin and body won't thank you for munching a pot noodle every night! I have the cookbook Nosh for Students, which is great to find affordable recipes, and ones that even mum would make! 

9. Keep yourself organised. Even when your social life is getting busy, make time to get all your work out the way so you're not panicking last minute! And don't spend days on end in bed!! A timetable is such a great way to plan out your schedule! 

10. Skype. Honestly, I couldn't have survived without it! 

11. Drink lots of water! It's an obvious one but your hangover's won't be nearly as bad. 

So here is a little list of ways to keep yourself happy and healthy! Good luck if you're off to uni this September/October, I'd love to hear how you're getting on! And remember, if things aren't going to plan, keep going... The whole point of university is to learn, so make mistakes, learn from them, but most of all, have fun! 
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